QRSS Grabber Project

The ‘QRSS-Rx’ is a network connected receiver. It receives and digitises a small band of the RF spectrum (such as the 30m QRSS band at 10.1400 - 10.1401MHz), and passes the samples to a server for further processing and display. It is designed to be a cheap and simple unit that will allow the setup of a receiver without the need for expensive receivers and PCs.

With the appropriate server, a 'QRSS Network' could be developed, allowing spectrum data from around the world to be displayed in almost real time.

Feb 2011

This project was developed as an entry into the Circuit Cellar NXP mbed Design Contest

The project documents are no longer at this web page - but the main article is attachment here (see bottom of page).

Feb 2012
QRSS-Rx was subsequently written up and published:

Here is what the prototype looks like:

I have subsequently found that the GPS device used did not have a valid 1PPS output! That explains why I found it so hard to see any signals!

Apr 2013

I am now looking at using similar technology to install a remote grabber for the LF bands (136kHz). This will be a solar power receiver. It will probably just output serial data (ie RS232) to fit in with the infrastructure available at the site. Sample data will be transported over the internet to a server where it can be processed.

There is no plan to develop the full QRSS network idea (as in the document) - this requires a lot of effort in the server side. However the developed hardware may find other uses.
The project will be further described once implemented!

Clayton G,
Apr 19, 2013, 3:31 AM