JOTA 2009


Kama Scout Group


My name is Clayton (Scout name 'Penguin'). I am a Joey Scout Leader. I am also an amateur radio operator - call sign VK1TKA.

Since last year I have moved Scout groups (1st Aranda had to close). I'm now with the Kama Scout Group.

This year we are operating our own JOTA station on Sunday 18 October 2009. This activity is part of the group family picnic.
Our time zone is Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST). We are now in daylight savings time, which is UTC + 11:00
We are operating from 10:00am - 2:00pm Sunday 18 October, local time (UTC Sat 17 Oct 23:00 to Sun 18 Oct 03:00).

Operation will be on HF and maybe IRLP (node 6336). 

The Scouts are going to build us some antenna support poles. Weather permitting we may try a kite antenna also.

Hope that we can talk with you some time over the weekend!

I would like to swap international JOTA badges. I have some Australian badges:
5cm x 5cm
Please email me if you want to do a swap!

We are located in Macquarie, Ginninderra Region (Belconnen), ACT (Australian Capital Territory), Australia
Grid Square:  QF44


Joey Scout Leader, Kama Scout Group

I may be contacted at: